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The Kingdom of Yahweh (God) is essentially family and, as we travel the world and connect with hearts and spirits, people ask how we can stay connected. We don't have a regular newsletter and love connecting through social media (when it's dependable, which it isn't always) but here's another way to stay connected and receive updates on where we've been, where we're headed, and what's up in our lives. Click below to subscribe!
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(All meetings listed below are open to the public, everyone welcome!)

Sunday, October 23rd (Rebecca only)
Leading worship at The Congregation Family in Yorba Linda, California USA
4175 Fairmont Blvd., Yorba Linda, CA

Wednesday and Thursday, November 2nd and 3rd
Evening home meeting in Columbia, South Carolina USA

Friday, November 4th
Kingdom Business+Entrepreneur Evening in Atlanta, Georgia 

Saturday, November 12th
Evening Meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dr. Israel 
Dr. Israel McGuicken celebrates 40 years in full-time ministry this year, having lived on three different continents and traveled to over 85 nations of the world, gained unique experience in crowd engagement and cultural diversity, speaking to crowds as large as 150,000 people at a time. 

As a spiritual father to few and a voice of Kingdom authority to many, he is passionate about motivating and inspiring groups of all ages and size. 

Also a certified Leadership Coach, Dr. Israel thrives on empowering people to discover and find success in their authentic purposes and fields. 

Outside of the public arena, Dr. Israel loves working with his horses, traveling the world and spending time with his wife, 8 children and 8 grandchildren.

Dr. Israel and Rebecca currently reside in Temecula, CA with the youngest three of their eight children.

"Relationships are the currency 
of the Kingdom." -Dr. Israel
REbecca Faith
Rebecca Faith has been married to Dr. Israel for 14 years and, much like his purpose, thrives in seeing people maximize their full potential and come alive! 

Operating as a prophetic psalmist, Rebecca is a seasoned minister and has ushered in the presence of God in homes, businesses, stadiums and stages throughout the world. 

Her passion as a Dramatic Communicator and Purpose Coach is to see people come alive, live with purpose and rise to the greatness for which they were born. This passion has led her audiences around the world and has typically resulted in her singing or saying to them, “You’re gonna make it!” 

Dr. Israel and Rebecca currently reside in Temecula, CA with the youngest three of their eight children.

capitol royal dynasty
Capitol Royal Dynasty (CRD) is a spiritual house, family, dynasty and a tribe within the Kingdom of Yahweh, never exclusive but always a part of. 

Through our spiritual village-life, we as a family, while growing and maturing, demonstrate the culture of the Kingdom, resulting in each citizen being sent out to colonize the 7 spheres of influence in the earth.
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